SOS Button

SOS Button is an emergency app which helps you out whenever your safety is at risk by reaching out to your emergency contacts and providing them with your current location.

Client: Erik Markus Kannike

Crypto Rates

Free crypto currency converter with latest and accurate rates. Has most crypto and world currencies. Convert between Bitcoin and Dash, United Arab Emirates Dirham, Litecoin, Euro, Ethereum, Synthetix etc. Can add commission % to get an accurate rate for you. History function to show past conversions. Shows time and date of last rates when working without internet. Fast and simple to use.

Client: Erik Markus Kannike

Football Teams Quiz

The ultimate app for checking your football teams knowledge. Get through the levels by correctly guessing the names of the teams and watch your star count grow! Each level is more difficult than the last one to ensure a nice challenge. Can you guess them all?

Client: Erik Markus Kannike


The home of HIV and sexual health information for community health workers.

Client: Avert

English with Oxford

Learn English with Oxford.
App is preinstalled on Nokia 6300 4G and on Nokia 8000 4G.

Client: Origindata

Guess The Footballer

The ultimate app for checking your player knowledge. Advance through the levels by correctly guessing the players last names and watch your star count grow! Each level is more difficult than the last one to ensure a nice challenge. Can you guess them all?

Client: Erik Markus Kannike

Regreen App

Earn more income by improving your farmland in a fun, simple & effective way! This free app provides you with instructions on how to increase your farmland’s soil fertility by applying a simple regreening technique called 'Kisiki Hai'. It will improve your crop yields and lead to more water on your land. Get started and green up your farm!

With this app you:

1) Get clear step-by-step instructions on how to apply Kisiki-Hai

2) Listen to 16 Farm Radio episodes on Kisiki-Hai & hear about the successes and challenges of other farmers.

3) Watch inspiring & fun videos with Comedian Jaymondy and many others!

Client: Justdiggit

More about this app:

Justdiggit and KaiOS partnership regreens and connects rural Tanzania

Glee Sports

Gleesports brings you the latest news as well as archives on sports from around the world. Find match schedules, fixtures, match reports, highlights, videos, analysis, live scores, and listen to sports podcasts on Premier League, Laliga, Europa cup, Champions League, African news and more on Gleesports. Also features up to the minute sport headlines, results, sport standings, forums and more on all galleries of sports including Basketball, Tennis and Boxing to keep you updated with current happenings in sport all around the world.

Client: Glee Sports

Al Aan FM

App on Arabic. Al Aan FM is a satellite radio station with FM relay stations in Iraq, Libya and Syria. It claims to "aim for freedom of speech in both Syria and Libya".

Original description (Arabic): راديو الآن مشروع إذاعي طموح يتطور عاماً بعد عام ويقدم مزيجاً من الأخبار والأغاني والموسيقى والبرامج الهادفة التي تسعى للوصول لأكبر شريحة من المستمعين الشباب والتواصل معهم في الدول العربية وحول العالم.يقدم راديو الآن أخبار الساعة من خلال وجهة نظر مراسليه المنتشرين في بلدان عديدة في مواقع الأحداث، بالإضافة إلى مجموعة مميزة من البرامج المتنوعة الإنسانية والاجتماعية والثقافية. كما يمكنكم الوصول إلى عدد من البرامج المختارة عبر منصات البودكاست Podcast.يهدف الراديو إلى تقديم المستمع كجزء من نشاطه ليس فقط على مستوى الاستماع بل المشاركة والفاعلية في برامجه المتنوعة.

Client: Al Aan FM

Roducate Lite

Pass Exams: WAEC, GCE, NECO, JSCE, SSCE, GCSE, UTME, JAMB, Post-UTME, BECE, Common Entrance, etc. Access Complete Curriculum: Primary, Secondary & University. Get Notes, Mock Exams & Assignments

Client: Robert & John Limited

More about this app:

KaiOS phones to be used for learning during and after the pandemic

Lagos state government, KaiOS and Robert and John team up to enable students in Nigeria to continue education during and after COVID-19

Lagos distributes free phones to pupils to bridge digital divide