River Crossing

A river crossing puzzle is a type of transport puzzle in which the objective is to carry items from one river bank to another. The difficulty of the puzzle may arise from restrictions on which or how many items can be transported at the same time, or from which or how many items may be safely left together.

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Mind Reader

Sometimes math is so beautifully tricky, and presented in such a subtle way, that it’s virtually indistinguishable from magic.

At the core of this mathematical mind reading app is physicist Martin Kruskal’s discovery that certain counting games are really a sequence of chains that can intersect and eventually become one single chain. Using that knowledge of well-concealed probability, it’s easy to perform a mind-blowing demonstration that appears to be pure magic.

But it doesn't always work, because that’s the way probability goes. Sometimes it’s perfect, sometimes it isn't. In this app we’ll see that magic can be math… and math can be magic.


Imagine having access to all the information you could ever want about your future, love life, and personality. A mystical skill that is practiced all across the world is palm reading, usually referred to as palmistry or chiromancy. It derives from Indian astrology and Roman fortune-telling, yet you can participate in this old custom today. We have what you need, whether you want to learn how to read palms or you just want to impress your friends.


What is Numerology?
Numerology is an ancient science that deduces meaning from various numbers, number combinations, letters, and symbols in your life. This art can assist us in tapping into the underlying patterns of the universe and revealing new truths about ourselves.

Core Numbers
Numerology is all about numbers, their properties, and their impact on our lives. These figures are derived from a person's birth date and name. We can get a lot of numbers from your date of birth and name. However, five of them are the most important numbers, known as core numbers. Birth Number, Life Path Number, Expression Number, Heart's Desire Number, and Personality Number are the five core numbers.

Truth Or Dare

Get to know your friends by playing a fun game of Truth Or Dare! This is the perfect group party game for kids, teens, couples and adults.

Always wanted to know about your friend’s first kiss? Or have you ever wondered what a girl thinks of you? Make a sleepover or a party more interesting with Truth or Dare!

The rules are simple! Each player will take turns to pick up the phone and choose between truth or dare. If the player chooses truth, they must answer the question (truthfully) on the screen. If they choose dare, then they must complete the action on screen.

Hidden Objects

In the Hidden Object adventure puzzle seek and find game, you’ll have different missing items to find – objects for search will be displayed below, and your task is to take a look and find 'em all at the location as quickly as possible. Be careful, hidden artifacts can be anywhere, keep an eye out! Well, get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure with an awesome graphics and a real hidden objects environment. Find all missing items and complete all the hidden object quests.

If you stuck, and you can't find some object - go to "Levels" and press "Skip lvl" - but remember, you can do this one time per day.


A jigsaw puzzle is a tiling puzzle that requires the assembly of often oddly shaped interlocking and mosaiced pieces, each of which typically has a portion of a picture; when assembled, they produce a complete picture.

Sorting your pieces, moving your pieces around on the board, filling in the edges – it feels just like the real thing! Only now you can take the puzzle with you anywhere you go! We handpick every image to ensure the highest level of quality.

If you stuck, and you don't know some solution - go to "Levels" and press "Skip lvl" - but remember, you can do this one time per day.

Magnifying Glass

The Magnifying Glass app is a powerful magnifier tool that will help you read small texts more easily. The app uses your phone's camera to magnify text or whatever comes to mind. Great for the visually impaired, for soldering small joints and SMD components. You can also use the negative mode that inverts the colors.


How to Play

A cryptogram is a short quote that has been encrypted by taking each letter in the quote and substituting it with another letter. Your challenge is to decrypt it back using your linguistic intuition.
Using the keyboard below first choose the coded letter then choose the letter you think it stands for.

Tips to Solve

  • Single letter words likely decrypt to A or I.
  • Vowel letters such as E often have high frequency counts.
  • Letter groups following apostrophes are likely S, T, D, LL or RE.
  • Keep in mind common words and suffixes like AND, THE, OF, IN, IS, IT, -ING, etc.

P.S. If you stuck, and you don't know solution - go to "Levels" and press "Skip lvl" - but remember, you can do this one time per day.


REBUS is a game of associations, logic and design that energizes the brain
Rebus puzzles are essentially little pictures, often made with letters and words, which cryptically represent a word. In order to solve each puzzle, you must combine and use several clues and techniques and guess the correct answer. Characters are arranged in a particular way that signifies a famous word. Your task is it to figure that out.

If you stuck, and you don't know some solution - go to "Levels" and press "Skip lvl" - but remember, you can do this one time per day.