MIDI Player

Play MIDI files (.mid) easily on your phone!

MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a technical standard that enables electronic musical instruments, computers, and other digital devices to communicate. It’s the technical music format with .mid or .midi file extension. MIDI is one of the most original formats of digital media. Different from MP3 or WAV audio format, MIDI contains no actual audio data, but it powerfully needs much smaller in size, as a song in MIDI format can be coded using only a few kilobytes (Kbs) and lines.

If you experience problems with playing a MIDI file, try to change a synthesizer module - to do this, go to "Settings" and select a different synthesizer module.

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Guess The Song

Ready to test your musical knowledge?

Guess The Song on a simple and free music quiz. Test your music knowledge and discover new song by yourself. Challenge your friends in a music quiz and determining who will be the big winner!

If you experience problems with playing a melody, try choosing a different synthesizer module - to do this, go to "Settings" and select a different synthesizer module.

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Do Not

Follow the written instructions to move in the correct direction (up, down, left, or right) and victory. As you reach higher levels in the game, increasingly complex and varied instructions will require the use of both your logic and agility for you to succeed.

- Read the instructions written on the screen;
- Press (or not!) button with the correct direction following these instructions;
- Solve as many puzzles as you can;
- Be careful about the time limit and don't let your brain get tricked!

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YouTube Video: Do Not

Connect Dots

Connect Dots is one of the simple and addictive line puzzle game.

The game contains a matrix of square, the size of matrix is 5x5, 6x6, 7x7 depends on level you are playing and difficulty level you want to challenge. Your mission is about to connect two dots which have same color by drawing line between them. The mission will be completed when all below conditions are met:

- All same color dots are connected in pair.
- There are no intersect of any line.
- All the squares in the matrix are filled with the lines.

The difficulty will increase because there are more color dots when level up.

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YouTube Video: Connect Dots


Dominoes is definitely one of the most famous board game in the world. If you like dice, backgammon, narde, mahjong, then you will love this dominoes game.

How to Play:

The 28 tiles are shuffled face down and form the stock. Each player draws seven tiles from the stock. Once the players begin drawing tiles, they are placed on-edge in front of the players, so players can see their own tiles, but not the value of their opponents' tiles. Players can thus see how many tiles remain in their opponents' hands at all times.

One player begins by downing (playing the first tile) one of their tiles. This tile starts the line of play, in which values of adjacent pairs of tile ends must match. The players alternately extend the line of play with one tile at one of its two ends; if a player is unable to place a valid tile, they must continue drawing tiles from the stock until they are able to place a tile. The game ends when one player wins by playing their last tile, or when the game is blocked because neither player can play.

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Have you ever played Bingo? You are going to love it!

Bingo is one of the most popular games out there for when you're bored! 75 card Bingo game is played on a 5x5 grid with numbers 5 across and 5 down. Match any 5 numbers across, down, or diagonal and call Bingo to win!

Daub the calling numbers, 13 patterns to win!

Act fast or other players could cross that last number first.

KaiOS Store Link: Bingo

Short Cut

Short Cut (also known as Bridg It, Gale, Shannon Switching Game) is a connection game for two players.

The game is played on a square board. One player (Blue) tries to connect the West and East side, the other tries to connect the North and South side of the board. In each turn, a player draws either a horizontal or a vertical line. Red's lines don't end at the same coordinates as Blue's lines, rather their center points are the same. Lines must not cross each other, which means that every center point can only be occupied by one of the players.

Players attempt to place a continuous connected path of lines from one side of the board to the opposite side while blocking their opponent from doing the same.

The game cannot end in a draw. The game ends when when a player connects their color on both sides.

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YouTube Video: Short Cut

QR Tools

QR Tools is a modern QR code scanner with many of the features you need:

Scan QR: Point the camera at the code you wish to scan. The app will automatically detect, scan, read & decode it.
Open QR: Detect codes within picture files or scan directly using the camera.
Create QR: Share arbitrary data such as website links with the built-in QR code generator by displaying them on your screen as a QR code and scanning them with another device.
History: All scan history will be saved

KaiOS Store Link: QR Tools


Reversi (also known as Othello) is a classic strategy board game. It consists of an 8x8 square board and pieces with one black and one white side. Each player has a color, and the game aims to get more of your pieces on the board than the opponent's pieces.

At the beginning of the game, there are four pieces on the board, two white and two black. Your goal is a try to capture opponent pieces and flip them over so they turn into your color. You do this by making a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of pieces, where your pieces surround the other player's pieces. The surrounded opponent pieces are then captured and will be turned over to your color, increasing the number of your pieces on the board.

The game ends when the board is full or both players have no moves. At that time the pieces on the board are counted and the player with more pieces wins.

KaiOS Store Link: Reversi

YouTube Video: Reversi

Clever Snake

Your task is to eat all the apples on the screen. It's not as easy as you think...

Guide the snake through each apple. The snake can only change direction when it hits a rock, a square that contains part of the snake so far, or the edge of the grid. Each puzzle has a unique solution.

P.S. If you stuck, and you don't know solution - go to "Levels" and press "Skip lvl" - but remember, you can do this one time per day.

KaiOS Store Link: Clever Snake

YouTube Video: Clever Snake