QR Tools

QR Tools is a modern QR code scanner with many of the features you need:

Scan QR: Point the camera at the code you wish to scan. The app will automatically detect, scan, read & decode it.
Open QR: Detect codes within picture files or scan directly using the camera.
Create QR: Share arbitrary data such as website links with the built-in QR code generator by displaying them on your screen as a QR code and scanning them with another device.
History: All scan history will be saved

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Reversi (also known as Othello) is a classic strategy board game. It consists of an 8x8 square board and pieces with one black and one white side. Each player has a color, and the game aims to get more of your pieces on the board than the opponent's pieces.

At the beginning of the game, there are four pieces on the board, two white and two black. Your goal is a try to capture opponent pieces and flip them over so they turn into your color. You do this by making a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of pieces, where your pieces surround the other player's pieces. The surrounded opponent pieces are then captured and will be turned over to your color, increasing the number of your pieces on the board.

The game ends when the board is full or both players have no moves. At that time the pieces on the board are counted and the player with more pieces wins.

KaiOS Store Link: Reversi

YouTube Video: Reversi

Clever Snake

Your task is to eat all the apples on the screen. It's not as easy as you think...

Guide the snake through each apple. The snake can only change direction when it hits a rock, a square that contains part of the snake so far, or the edge of the grid. Each puzzle has a unique solution.

P.S. If you stuck, and you don't know solution - go to "Levels" and press "Skip lvl" - but remember, you can do this one time per day.

KaiOS Store Link: Clever Snake

YouTube Video: Clever Snake

Parking Puzzle

Parking Puzzle is a sliding block puzzle game. The goal of the game is to get the yellow car out through the exit of the board by moving the other vehicles out of its way. However, the cars and trucks obstruct the path which makes the puzzle even more difficult.

In this game you can move all the cars back and forth as many times as you want. It does not matter how long you need to solve the levels. Your goal is to unblock the yellow car and move it to the exit on the top. The level of difficulty increases slowly during the 40 levels. While the first levels are really easy in order to teach you the principle of the game, the final ones are extremely hard to solve and require a lot of logical thinking.

The game principle is inspired by a games "Rush Hour" and "Parking Jam".

P.S. If you stuck, and you don't know solution - go to "Levels" and press "Skip lvl" - but remember, you can do this one time per day.

KaiOS Store Link: Parking Puzzle

YouTube Video: Parking Puzzle

Sea Battle

Sea Battle, also known as Battleship, is a perfect puzzle game that is created for your leisure.

One of the best-known childhood games around the world is now on your phone! Sea Battle is a classic strategy game where you will have to find out the position of your opponent's ships before they find your ships and sink your fleet.

Place your ships of different sizes on the battlefield, launch the aircraft for massive bombshells and try to sink the rival ships. By combining different positioning of your ships you can develop your strategy for the game and leave no chances for your opponents!

Enter the enemy waters and intercept all the ships of the opposing fleet with your intuition and strategy. If you like to play ship battles, you are going to love this game. We have recreated the classic game that you played with paper and pen, adding nice animations and designs that will make you forget the notebook.

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YouTube Video: Sea Battle


Filter is a powerful photo editing app with the most aesthetic photo filters. It offers a handpicked selection of foto filters for pictures. Make your photos stand out with a variety of vintage and trendy effects!

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YouTube Video: Filter

River Crossing

A river crossing puzzle is a type of transport puzzle in which the objective is to carry items from one river bank to another. The difficulty of the puzzle may arise from restrictions on which or how many items can be transported at the same time, or from which or how many items may be safely left together.

KaiOS Store Link: River Crossing

YouTube Video: River Crossing

Mind Reader

Sometimes math is so beautifully tricky, and presented in such a subtle way, that it’s virtually indistinguishable from magic.

At the core of this mathematical mind reading app is physicist Martin Kruskal’s discovery that certain counting games are really a sequence of chains that can intersect and eventually become one single chain. Using that knowledge of well-concealed probability, it’s easy to perform a mind-blowing demonstration that appears to be pure magic.

But it doesn't always work, because that’s the way probability goes. Sometimes it’s perfect, sometimes it isn't. In this app we’ll see that magic can be math… and math can be magic.


Imagine having access to all the information you could ever want about your future, love life, and personality. A mystical skill that is practiced all across the world is palm reading, usually referred to as palmistry or chiromancy. It derives from Indian astrology and Roman fortune-telling, yet you can participate in this old custom today. We have what you need, whether you want to learn how to read palms or you just want to impress your friends.


What is Numerology?
Numerology is an ancient science that deduces meaning from various numbers, number combinations, letters, and symbols in your life. This art can assist us in tapping into the underlying patterns of the universe and revealing new truths about ourselves.

Core Numbers
Numerology is all about numbers, their properties, and their impact on our lives. These figures are derived from a person's birth date and name. We can get a lot of numbers from your date of birth and name. However, five of them are the most important numbers, known as core numbers. Birth Number, Life Path Number, Expression Number, Heart's Desire Number, and Personality Number are the five core numbers.